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Inspiration session

We were excited to see the large interest at our inspiration session last Friday! To inspire our suppliers we invited several parties to discuss “Sustainability at the nursery”: Van Krimpen, Hortitime, TSD, Biota Nutrients and Vezalux. We must think about the future and ways to improve our methods. How can we support each other? The contents discussed brought some new interesting insights!

* Plant Market discussed sustainable cooperation, for example by picking up plants from suppliers, and provide support in marketing and inventory management.
* Biota Nutrients showed that liquid organic fertilizers can be applied in nurseries.
* TSD illustrated the possibilities of Wintree and Tree Commerce Messenger, as well as the Wintree App, which facilitates inventory management and creation of delivery notes.
* Van Krimpen talked about recycling of pots and trays, specifically aimed to make carbon free materials. These materials can remain in the recycle cycle.
* Hortitime presented their app in which suppliers can administer their time registrations,


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