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Flower bulb displays

The flower bulb season has begun! We offer you two full-filled displays, that can easily be placed at your Cash & Carry or pick-up location. The displays help you to show the most popular flower bulbs in an attractive way, and enable your customers to select them on the spot. The displays are sustainable and can be used for several years. We can refill them on a weekly basis, together with our plant deliveries. A larger assortment of flower bulbs can be found in our PM portal. The two display options are:

Retail: display with 48 hooks, 190 cm high, including an advertising banner and 5×48 popular varieties in small packaging; ideal for consumers.
Landscape: display with 30 hooks, 190 cm high, including an advertising banner and 5×30 popular varieties in XXL packaging; ideal for landscapers.

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Plant Market is the online plant shop for professionals. Our webshop features more than 40,000 product lines from 400 suppliers. Comparing prices, creating quotes and ordering plants has never been easier!

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